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A home business has many rewards. You can earn extra money full time or part time. Decide if you want a service business or do you want to sell products.

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Starting a home business offers real opportunities and is cost effective. Years ago people may have given you a funny look when you told them to come to your home office but not today.

How to Start a Consulting Home Business

A consultant you should have a lot of experience in your field and be very knowledgeable about the subject you are consulting in. When you start your home business, make sure you have all the necessary office equipment.

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Homemade crafts are beautiful and are high quality, and are popular with consumers shopping for unique gift items and home decor. Many people don't sell their crafts because they don't know where they might get the highest exposure and where to sell them.

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A home office is very acceptable in today’s economy. Home businesses are becoming more popular today as people turn their extra time into profit.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Steps to Starting-up a Home Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Set-up a home business.

Have you ever dreamed of ending your commute to work or sleeping late or the ability to do whatever you wanted? There are many people doing just that after their corporation forcing them to a buyout or after being laid off. Many have turned to earning their livelihoods at home. A home business is a small business operated from the owner’s home which lacks a shop frontage, a customer parking, and a large number of employees.

Home Business
Select a business that you would enjoy doing. Most people start a home business in a field that they were in while in a corporate environment, for example, an IT person may start a home business as a computer technician. Select a home business in something that you know a lot about. Become a personal trainer if you love to exercise and know a lot about nutrition. Become a wardrobe consultant or a personal shopper. Write eBooks or sell how-to books. Give seminars on SEO or building traffic to a website.

Business Plan
Develop a business plan for your new business it will serve as a road map that can keep you on track. Create a marketing plan this will help define your market and set-up a strategy for attracting more customers and it helps to anticipate any changes.

Sole Proprietorship
Apply for your DBA. Choose a name for your home business. You must file for a “fictitious name” or “Doing Business As” registration form. Register with the state government or the county clerk’s office it depends on the state you live in. Apply for an employee identification number (EIN) with the IRS. The EIN is also known as an Employer Tax ID and Form SS-4. Get a business bank account because it is important to keep your business separate from your personal checking account just in case you are audited.

Marketing Materials
Get business cards printed. Print stationary and design a business logo for your stationary and envelopes. Create an effective business brochure because it will help to give clients a detailed account of what your business offers. Create a website for your business.


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